Welcome again to MasterMind Society "MMS", an organization of FarSuperior Partners, LLC.

As you can see by the benefit pages, MasterMind Society has a host of benefits to choose from and with our custom designed membership packages for each member, this creates a very unique opportunity for you to receive incredible benefits for a fraction of the traditional costs associated to each.

The benefits of MasterMind Society

Wayne Warrington Chairman MasterMind Society


In 2003 when just a small segment of this program was launched, our annual dues were $2,795.00 per business.  Today, due to reduction of our costs and negotiation of larger group discounts, those same benefits for a fraction of the original cost.   It is our desire to make the membership affordable to all, while recognizing that it is impossible to provide the best services without a reasonable cost associated with them.

We this in mind we have created a basic and customizable membership program that starts at only $147.00 per year and then each month you can select a membership benefit package that you would like to add for only $147.00. Each benefit package is designed to provide our members with a 10 Fold Return.  Simply put, each time you add a new MMS Benefit to your membership account with the small investment of $147.00, your business should see a $1,470.00 ROI.

When looking at our benefit packages such as custom mobile phone apps, or our national and local press/media releases or  our professionally produced and edited video production, our members can quickly see that the benefits far exceed the minor investment being made in their company's future.  Our monthly MasterMind Group Sessions are seen as valued in excess of $10,000 per year, when you consider the value of the professional advice being received through our MMS members working with you to enhance your business.

Your decision as to which benefit packages to select is not needed today.  Your application must be approved first in order to start building a custom membership package.  Once your application is approved with respect to an opening in your area for your business, we will contact you to work through and design the BEST membership program for your business.  At that time you can choose which benefit packages to add to your membership and you can always add more later.

A MasterMind Society membership is also the perfect match for existing mastermind groups in operation today.  We do not compete with your group, we enhance it.  Not all of your current members need to join MMS in order for YOU to receive all the benefits we offer.  If you currently have a mastermind group you belong to, write to us at Info at MasterMindSociety.com to secure a group package.

Thank you for your time reviewing our organization and I wish you continued success and happiness.


Wayne Warrington



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