Welcome to MasterMind Society "MMS", an organization of FarSuperior Concepts, LLC My name is Wayne Warrington, I am the founder of the organization and serve as the "virtual" facilitator of the Mastermind groups being formed across the USA.

MMS was a concept conceived in 2006 during a mastermind session in Las Vegas Nevada where myself and 10 other business owners from across the country met for 5 days of intense brainstorming sessions designed to help one another with business development plans.

This was not my first mastermind group however it served in many ways to help me formulate the concept and the design of the group structure being presented here today.

Wayne Warrington Chairman MasterMind Society

I formed my first mastermind group in the late 1980s and served as its Chairman and facilitator for three years. During that time the group grew from 6 initial members to 35 members collectively representing over $3 billion a year in annual revenues and employing over 30,000 people. Even with the tremendous success of that mastermind group, I have still been able to further refine the design today to the point of providing our members with an even stronger support organization that can serve in a powerful advisory board capacity.

The mastermind concept has been well documented for over 100 years. Industry leaders throughout history have credited their mastermind team or group as being the primary element of their success in business. Financial fortunes are being developed today by business owners through the incorporation of mastermind groups as mission critical elements of their business decision process.

Napoleon Hill, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford

When you read about the success of mastermind groups in history, names such as Napoleon Hill, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Earl Nightingale and hundreds of other prominent business leaders are shown as avid supporters.

Being a part of the MasterMind Society today provides you with the ability to tap into the minds and knowledgebase of hundreds if not thousands of CEOs, and small business owners across the country, as well as a uniquely qualified and select group of 11 members (yourself included) that meet on a regular basis in your area of town.

Whether you are an independent business professional running your business from home, or a small business owner with 50  or more employees operating from multiple brick and mortar offices/store fronts, you can and will benefit from being a part of our organization. 

The qualifications for membership may sound simple to some, however the qualifications are not flexible and this is to better serve the good of all our members locally as well as nationwide.

If your business meets or exceeds the qualifications listed on the attached MMS Qualification page, then please check out our benefit pages and fill out an online membership application today.

Once your application has been approved, our MMS team will go to work to custom build your membership program around your individual needs and then start the process of creating your local mastermind group.

Once again, welcome to the MasterMind Society, I look forward to be of service to you and your company for years to come.

Wishing you continued success and happiness always, Wayne

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