There are a hundred excellent reasons to become a member of MasterMind Society. However, our members typically find a single benefit is more than enough to justify the small investment.  Each membership is "customized" for the member to maximize their ROI. 

Our basic membership plan is only $147.00 per month, providing you with 7 customized benefit packages for your business, with additional benefit packages being available for only $147.00. If you wish to receive our annual VIP discount for full payment for the year, the investment is only $1,111.00, plus $147.00 for any benefit package selected past the first 7!

Members have the ability to pick and choose a new benefit package  each month or simply enjoy the incredible opportunities presented to them through their monthly MasterMind Group Sessions. Thus, MasterMind Society has created the most cost effective business development tool for small business owners and business professionals across the country.  Most of our benefit packages are provided through our strategic partnerships with established and highly recognized leaders within their industries. This allows our members to receive the absolute best products and services at a fraction of their normal cost. 

Click on any of the links below to take a tour of our programs.  Once you are done and you have decided to apply for membership, please use the link at the bottom of the page for the online application form.


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